Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Love You, Marcel!

"Guess what I wear as a hat?... A lentil."

I could seriously watch this animated short a million times in a row and never get tired of it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Upcoming Shows!!!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to tell you about two very special shows I'll be selling at this weekend!!!

On Saturday (Dec 18th,) I'll be at BUST Magazine's enchanted forest-themed "pop-up shop" in Manhattan:

350 Bowery, at Great Jones St
4 pm to 9 pm
more info here

And this Sunday (Dec 19th,) my craft group, the Jersey City Craft Mafia, is heading up the following holiday shopping extravaganza in Jersey City:

Grace Church Van Vorst
39 Erie Street & 2nd
12-5 pm
more info here

Hope to see you there!!!!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Re: Violens' Summer Mixtape

Update: I'm kind of obsessed now with Violens' "Summer Mixtape" (sic) that I downloaded for free from their website. This is the band I read about in BUST magazine. I will most definitely be purchasing some of their stuff.

pros and cons of the mix:

Pros -- Violens is featured on most of the mix both unaccompanied as well as collaboratively and each of their songs is unique and totally enjoyable. They now have a new fan! Based on what they've chosen to share on this mix, I would say that if you're a Depeche Mode, House of Love, or Tears for Fears fan, Violens is for you. Some of it even sounds like an edgier OMD or a more bad-ass George Michael. Although I didn't hear much in the way of Morrissey/Brian Ferry-esque crooning, their sound was pretty eclectic, so I wouldn't be surprised to find what BUST was referring to on their album...

Cons -- 1) it is one continuous file, so you have to refer back to their website for each song to know what you're listening to and you can't fast forward or skip or play a song over and over again obsessively, which is my usual tendency. 2) the songs that they aren't responsible for range from fantastic (Dead Can Dance) to overwhelmingly unlistenable (you'll know it when you hear it) -- I haven't even heard the last song on the mix b/c I couldn't sit through the former to get to it. But judging by the song title, it is probably pretty similar, so I don't think I'm missing anything. I'm pretty sure they were kidding -- and it is kind of funny. I'm sure they had themselves a good time finding the most aurally offensive songs to finish off the mix with ;) OH! And speaking of offensive, word to the wise: do NOT watch the video shorts posted on their website. I repeat: do NOT watch them. You've been warned. Not my fault.

Their obnoxious proclivities aside, the music is fantastic and I can't wait to hear more!!!


One down, one to go! Here's the completed bear claw charm!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Custom Design Photos!

Ok, so here is some more progress on my custom orders! Going counter-clockwise from the upper right, the first three are part of a three piece set ordered by a friend who recently just had her first child, the beautiful and perfect Olive Lily.

As per the customer's request, I created one lily-themed embroidery, one olive-themed embroidery and one with just the name "olive lily" -- I hope she likes everything, but as with all custom orders, I strive to create something the customer will really love, so nothing will be set in silver until everything is 100% approved!

The final piece is a Native American "fetish paw" for another friend of mine who lives in the southwest. I love those Native American symbols! According to this website, the bear paw represents "direction and power." And as per this website, an animal's paw/track (usually bear or badger) is "usually considered a way of summoning the power of the animal spirit, or as an indication of the presence of the spirit." You have to admit that Native American culture is pretty cool... Ask Morgan Spurlock if you don't believe me...

Custom Orders: Progress!

As promised, here is a sneak peek at what's going on with my custom orders! Between the new job and adjusting to my new schedule, I will admit that I'm having difficulties finding the time to focus on my jewelry. I'm also prepping for a couple of shows coming up and I just started working on some new displays (photos to come for that, too!)

That said, I have two orders that have been pending for a while now and I am trying to focus on finishing those up ASAP! I'll post more photos as the projects develop, but they're looking pretty good so far...

My Favorite Bumblebee

I'm kind of obsessed with Picnik.com. Even my worst photos look kind of neat once I play around with them over there. Sepia tones? No problem! Crop all the bad stuff out? No problem! Make it look like an aged, discolored photo from the 60's? Definitely not a problem! Not nearly as versatile as Photoshop, but it does the trick and it's way more fun to play around with.

What I'm wearing:
cheap and cheerful puffed sleeve 3/4 sleeve sweater: H & M
skirt and dotted swiss hosiery: Urban Outfitters
non-leather heeled oxfords: Unlisted
sterling silver and bronze bee brooch with articulated parts: *Luna Parc

*Luna Parc is, IMHO, one of NJ's greatest assets. The jewelry designer, artist Ricky Boscarino, has DIY'd his entire home, prompting Weird NJ to call it a "psychadelic wonderland in the woods."

Visiting this place one day is most definitely on my "to do" list as he holds semi-annual open houses!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Style Blogging... again?

A very pretty, young woman in my office has been saying very nice things about my clothes and accessories (and she bought a pair of my handmade earrings!) and so I thought, why not?! Let me give this style blogging another go. Please note that in the double photo above, in the frame on the right, that is my attempt at covering up how fat my a$$ has gotten from staying at home for the past 6 months. Ah well, what can you do?...

Anyway, I'm wearing these amazing black and white wingtip oxfords I just got last week from a shop that opened recently in the Manhattan Mall. The shop/brand is called
Spring and they really do have something for everyone. Most of their women's shoes are non-leather and some of their men's shoes are as well. Brad would know, because he came home with FOUR pairs... I also got a very chic pair of booties, but I have to wait on those as they had to special order my size.

I'm also wearing a vintage shirt that used to belong to my mother (I borrowed it... when I was in highschool) and it will continue to be one of my favorites because it's 100% polyester and therefore will live on forever!